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Facebook Success Summit 2012

I wanted to let you know that Social Media Examiner has announced its newest online summit. It is the Facebook Success Summit 2012Act now and save 50% (offer expires on Thursday, September 20, 2012).

This is a fully online conference designed to help your business quickly implement effective Facebook marketing strategies and tactics so you can gain more exposure, build a more loyal following and grow your business.

The lineup of instructors includes the world’s top Facebook marketing experts and authors such as:

  •  Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing),
  • Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media),
  • Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies),
  • John Haydon (co-author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies),
  • Brian Carter (author, The Like Economy),
  • Mark Schaefer (author, Return on Influence),
  • Chris Treadaway (co-author, Facebook Marketing),
  • Jesse Stay (author, Facebook Application Development for Dummies),
  • Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies),
  • Phyllis Khare (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies) and
  • Experts from Campbell’s Soup, Intel, 24 Hour Fitness and Autodesk.


These events bring the best of physical conferences (great learning and networking) directly to your computer.

  •  This means no travel and none of the expenses you’d expect with most events.
  •  We spread the live event over four weeks (to accommodate your schedule) and
  •  You’d get all session recordings AND transcripts.
  •  And the cool part: These summits are very affordable!  You can get in on the 50%-off sale if you act now.

Here’s what Facebook Success Summit 2012 will cover:

  •  Facebook marketing strategy
  • Growing and managing a Facebook following
  • Generating leads and selling with Facebook
  • Newsfeed optimization, metrics and analytics
  • Facebook promotions and advertising
  • And much more!

Go here to see all the details.  . Get a free sample class from our last summit by clicking here and looking for the yellow box in the sidebar.


 You can get in at half price if you register early.

This event does not require any travel.  You simply attend sessions and network with peers from the comfort of your home or office!!



Perfecting Your Digital Handshake

Get your "Mo"Side bar:  I just read the following article by Heather Robson, Managing Editor, Wealthy Web Writer.  She makes some helpful suggestions on how to make a good first impression and enhance your professional profile.  See if you can use some or all of them.  Don’t forget to share what works!


The Basics of a Good Digital Handshake


When it comes to making a good online impression, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:


Be a real person: No matter where you are online, you want to be a real person. That means you shouldn’t hide behind a company persona or take all the personality out of your communication. You can be personable and still be professional … mostly by being yourself while avoiding inappropriate topics. For example, let’s say you’re on an industry forum, and you’re responding to a post about social media marketing. It relates to something you’ve tried and you’re excited to share the results. It’s okay to let your excitement come through in what you say. However, if your experience relates to a bad incident with a client, you want to avoid naming names or getting into too many details.


Have a sense of place: There are lots of different places you might use your digital handshake, and how you execute it might vary from place to place. When you’re shaking hands on your website, visitors have come to the site because they’re interested in something you have to say. So, you want to make sure you let them know right away how you can help them. On the other hand, if you’re commenting on a blog post, you want to stay on topic and be generous with your knowledge. You don’t want to come across like you’re trying to sell something.


Perfect your USP: When it comes to a solid online handshake, it’s important that you can convey your value and do it quickly. You do that through your Unique Sales Proposition, which helps to set you apart from the competition. So, for example, using a USP on your website like, “I bring you more sales through better web writing” might accurately convey the biggest benefit you bring to your clients but it doesn’t necessarily convey it in a memorable way. “I bring you more sales by making your clients fall in love with you,” might stand out a little more.


Be generous: Wherever you are on the Web, you can make a stronger first impression by being generous. Share your knowledge. If someone solicits advice, do your best to give it. If someone asks you to contribute to his site, see if you can find a way to make that work. If someone wants to do an interview with you, say yes if possible.



A Different Handshake for Different Modes of Contact


Once you’ve nailed down the basics, it’s time to think about how you want to present yourself when you’re working in different channels. The first impression you make on your website might be different from the first impression you want to make through your email newsletter. This goes back to understanding where you are.


When you’re making a first impression through your website or an online event, you’re often connecting with people who are completely unfamiliar with you. You want to anticipate their questions and make sure you give them the information they’re looking for. Now is not the time to be cute or clever. Now is the time to be straightforward and to present your knowledge clearly and concisely.


When you’re making an impression through an industry forum or in response to an industry blog, the people you’re “shaking hands with” have even less context about who you are than those who arrive at your website or attend an event where you’re presenting. Be polite. Stay on topic. And, try to share something new and useful. Let your personality come through, but follow the basic rules of Internet etiquette.


Your handshake on your blog or through social media will be slightly different from on your website or in response to a forum post. Chances are, you’ve already made a first impression and you’re on to the relationship-building phase. Your handshake on your blog or in social media will be a little more familiar. Be friendly. Let your personality shine through. And, work to provide fresh information to your following. If you can’t help being cute, clever, or funny, this is the space to do it in.


How you present yourself to your email audience (whether through your email newsletter or through an initial email to a potential prospect) will be different again. In the case of email, you want to be aware that you’re entering your reader’s email inbox, which is like entering their home, so behave accordingly. Get right to the point, and let your host know why you’re there. Make your contact useful. And, always be polite.


No matter where you’re connecting online, you want to cultivate a voice that conveys your personality and credibility. You want to be professional, approachable, and consistent. Any time you make a first impression online (or a second impression or third), it’s the same as shaking somebody’s hand. Keep that in mind and approach every situation with confidence (even if you have to fake it), an eye for the opportunity to share your knowledge, and the willingness to let your personality and voice shine through. Work on your digital handshake, and you’ll find you’re more successful at developing relationships that eventually convert to clients.




End Note:  This article appears courtesy of American Writers & Artists Inc.’s (AWAI) Wealthy Web Writer, a free newsletter for learning how to effectively write online copy and market products on the Web.  For a complimentary subscription, visit http://www.awaionline.com/signup/wealthy-web-writer.

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Adopting a Buyer-Focused Marketing Model

 It is no longer a secret that successful marketing needs content that serves the needs of a clear target  audience — content that is informative, timely, and sharply focused on the buyer’s agenda/journey.

There is a lot of information out there on how to develop and implement such a buyer-focused marketing strategy.  I recently attended a webinar given by Lauren Goldstein, the VP of Strategic Planning at Babcock & Jenkins, where she addressed some of the issues involved in creating/adopting a buyer-centric strategy.  I like the four steps she identified and thought I’d share them with you.

According to Lauren, a buyer-centric model prioritizes the buyer’s business challenges and the questions they need answered to make a purchase.  It is a move away from marketing strategies that focus on the seller’s priorities and sales pitch.  Specifically, she provides insights into these components:

 – Comprehending why audience insight is crucial

– Ensuring you know your buyer

– Gaining insight into key stages and content requirements of the buyer’s journey

– Planning a content strategy and roadmap

CLICK HERE for the video of the webinar.  It is 45 minutes long, but I’m sure you’d learn a thing or two to benefit  your content marketing efforts.

How to Attract Better Clients to Your Writing Business


At one point or another, we’ve all wondered how to improve the quality of the clients we attract to our business.

We ask questions, such as: What do successful writers know and do differently that makes them so successful?  How do they generate quality leads and win better clients?

Increasingly, it is clear that the best writers are actively marketing their businesses using the latest low-cost methods.

Now you can learn their tactics.  Discover how to grow your writing business during this economic slump at Copywriting Success Summit 2009–an online professional development conference for freelance writers.

Presenters include bestselling authors and copywriting experts such as,

  • Peter Bowerman (author, Well-Fed Writer author),
  • Steve Slaunwhite(author, Start & Run a Copywriting Business),
  • Michael Stelzner (author, Writing White Papers),
  • Marcia Yudkin (author, Persuading on Paper),
  • Nick Usborne (author, Net Words),
  • Chris Garrett(author, Problogger),
  • Casey Hibbard (author, Stories That Sell),
  • Chris Marlow (the original copywriter’s coach),
  • Pete Savage, and
  • Ed Gandia.

The best part is NO TRAVEL REQUIRED.

This online summit allows you to attend sessions, meet the experts and network with peers, all from the comfort of your home or office.  This event is sure to sell out quickly.

Learn how to qualify for a $200 savings (expires September 24) and lock in your key to success.  Visit Copywriting Success Summit 2009 and get an immediate gift entitled “How to Be a Highly Paid Copywriter as a One-Person Business” valued at $42.

Wishing you much success!

P.S.  ACT NOW.  The $200 discount expires on September 24!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Exciting New Online Summit for Writers


By now, you’ve heard the buzz about Copywriting Success Summit 2009 — the online event for writers seeking to grow their businesses.

Before I tell you how you can attract better leads and win higher-caliber clients as a business copywriter, let me share the story about how a struggling writer achieved amazing success by only contacting 77 prospects.


A few years ago, you likely never heard the name Pete Savage.  He was an aspiring writer barely surviving, servicing what he called “lousy clients“.  You know them: businesses that demand the world and take forever to pay.

Pete had hoped he could nurture these mediocre clients into great customers-businesses that would pay him what he was really worth.  But that day never came.  Pete knew deep down that each passing day meant he was further away from his dream.

Finally, a tipping point came for Pete.  He decided to try something different.  He crafted a sales letter and mailed it to only 77 companies.

The results were amazing.  In less than a year, he had $64,000 in new business, exceeding his greatest hopes.  And these were his ideal clients (including one of the largest businesses in all of Canada!).  Now Pete is running a very successful copywriting business AND he was able to say goodbye to those lousy clients.

So what’s the moral of the story?  Every “somebody” started as a “nobody.”  To win great clients, earn what you’re really worth and enjoy the copywriter lifestyle, you need to decide it’s time for a change.

Now the connection….

There are tons of businesses looking for good writers.  But most writers don’t know how to market themselves well.  They’re stuck, just like Pete was, waiting for something to change.  What if you could quickly model the tactics of the copywriting superstars?  How might that help your business?


Let me introduce Copywriting Success Summit 2009 an online event designed to help writers speed their path to an executive income as business copywriters.

Here’s a little background.

Last fall, the world’s leading business copywriters came together and shared their insight in a special online event called Copywriting Success Summit 2008.  It was a smash hit.  Hundreds of freelance writers attended and transformed their businesses.  In fact, 98 percent of the attendees said they’d attend again.

Here are some of their words:


I know you’ve probably gotten thousands of messages saying the same thing, but so far this program has been awesome and has exceeded my every expectation.  The ideas are practical.  I’m especially blown away by how generous these experts are with their insights, ideas, and proven effective methods!  Excellent!”  Arleen McClean


“I will take this opportunity to say how valuable the summit has been.  I’ve been writing and publishing for 10 years.  The advice and wisdom I’ve gleaned from the different sessions have been invaluable.  I can’t quantify how much money I’ve saved by learning from others’ experiences instead of my own mistakes.”  — Sarah Mitchell


Messages like these kept flooding in during last year’s event.

This year, Copywriting Success Summit 2009  will help you fast-track your business growth, attract better leads and win higher-caliber clients–all while earning more money.

Your instructors will include the world’s top business copywriting superstars, such as Peter Bowerman (author, Well-Fed Writer), Steve Slaunwhite (author, Start & Run a Copywriting Business), Marcia Yudkin (author, Persuading on Paper), Michael Stelzner (author, Writing White Papers), Nick Usborne (author, Net Words), Chris Garrett (author, Problogger), Casey Hibbard (author, Stories That Sell), Chris Marlow (the original copywriter’s coach), Pete Savage, and Ed Gandia.  Together this “who’s who” team of business copywriters will help you succeed using practical sales and marketing tactics.

Yes, this is the world’s largest online event designed to empower both new and experienced copywriters.  But more importantly, by attending and acting you’ll accelerate your business growth.  And the great news is it’s a live online event you can attend from your home or office (forget about travel expenses).

CLICK HERE to learn more.


First, whether you’re a “work from home” copywriter or a “moonlighter” seeking to jump into business copywriting as a career, this event is for you.

Copywriting Success Summit 2009 will help you:

  • discover the best methods to market your writing business, ranging from social media to direct marketing.
  • learn how successful marketing campaigns were executed and how you can achieve similar results (play-by-play steps provided).

The event is fully dedicated to empowering you.  You’ll discover how to grow your business using low-cost or no-cost tactics.

Yes, attending this online event (and applying the techniques) will grow your business.  But there’s much more.  You’ll also join a community of like-minded women and men who’ll share their experiences, war stories and wisdom.

CLICK HERE NOW to learn more.

Wishing you much success!

P.S.  If you act now, you’ll get 40% off.  There are more than a dozen original professional development sessions for freelance copywriters.  Be sure to check them out.  I know that each of the presenters has created NEW content for this event.

Remember, the experts teach the sessions live (and it’s all online).  These are big names, including Peter Bowerman, Steve Slaunwhite, Michael Stelzner, Nick Usborne, Marcia Yudkin, Chris Marlow, Chris Garrett, Casey Hibbard, Pete Savage and Ed Gandia.  And here’s the cool part: you don’t need to leave your home or office!

CLICK HERE to see how this works.

P.P.S.  As a way of saying THANKS, for checking out the summit, there’s a gift just for writers valued at $42 waiting for you here (it’s one of the sessions from last year).  GO HERE TO GET YOURS.

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