What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

David Meerman Scott“Imagine you’re the head of marketing at a theme park, and you’re charged with announcing a major new attraction.  What would you do?

 That’s how David Meerman Scott introduces this manual (ebook) he published in 2008.

 He goes on to share some of his insights on the power of viral marketing using resources that are (now) readily available to everyone.  These resources/tools include  free and informative Web content, a network of people to light the fire (a.k.a., “fire starters”, “rainmakers”), and links that make content sharing easy.  He explains how these relatively obvious tools become phenomenal in the mind and hands of the creative marketer.

 We can all tap into, and replicate the viral marketing success formula.

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Book Recomendation – Emotional Equations

I’m glad to be back to doing one of my favorite things, which is reading books (particularly of the print variety). I pre-ordered this latest book (Emotional Equations:  Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success) from Chip Conley.  When it arrived, I dug right in because I’d heard the author speak at a webinar in 2011 and was curious to see if his book matched his words.  So far, I’m deeply amazed by Conley’s authenticity and insights.  What a timely resource for all seeking fresh ways to create tools for personal meaning, happiness and success.  I am glad I bought the print version because this is not a book to be rushed, but one to be STUDIED.  It is indeed designed to be a manual for life: professional and personal.  I have a good feeling that by the time I work my through it, my copy will be marked up in bright yellow highlights.  I recommend this book for your 2012 reading list.

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© Rachel Agheyisi, Report Content Writer, Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2012