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Creative actionable informationTurn Down the Volume and Hear the Cash Register Sing!

Business website designs have become increasingly “quieter”over the past couple of years.

Internet professionals have come to realize that when executed properly, a Web page can still achieve rock-star results with a more classical approach. This trend will only become more evident in 2012, and it is especially important in the case of landing pages.

“You don’t want landing pages to shout at your visitors, or have many elements on the page competing for their attention,”says Tim Ash, CEO of landing page optimization firm SiteTuners.“The most effective pages you’ll see will have a Zen-like simplicity to them, and the desired call-to-action should naturally arise out of this background of stillness.”

So, for anyone considering a website redesign this year, the advice is . . . well, simple. Try turning the volume down a few notches and instead aspire to achieving a harmonious hum. And by no means should you be trying to outshout the competition— that is so last decade.

Click the following link for some landing page design trends to be watching for —and executing — in 2012:

Landing Page Design Trends for 2012 – Website Magazine – Website Magazine.

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