How Is Your Writing?

Guilty as charged!  Yes, those of us who make our living as business writers sometimes live in “another world” and write in a manner that is meaningful to the relatively few inhabitants of that world.  Our sophistication becomes synonymous with how many codes and industry jargon we can throw into the narrative.  The benefit for the intended reader (who, in the b2b marketplace, is usually the customer), is completely relegated to secondary consideration.

 The result is miscommunication, failure to communicate, missed opportunities, and wasted resources.

 If all of this sounds familiar, there’s help.

 I recommend this report (The Gobbledygook Manifesto) from David Meerman Scott.  It is intelligent and straight-to-the-point.  Among other things, he states this “golden” rule worth repeating:  “when you write, start with your buyers, not with your product” (page 7). It looks like a great mantra for writers everywhere, myself included.

 Do yourself a favor; click here and grab a copy of this report.

© Rachel Agheyisi, Report Content Writer, Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2012



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