Book Recomendation – Emotional Equations

I’m glad to be back to doing one of my favorite things, which is reading books (particularly of the print variety). I pre-ordered this latest book (Emotional Equations:  Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success) from Chip Conley.  When it arrived, I dug right in because I’d heard the author speak at a webinar in 2011 and was curious to see if his book matched his words.  So far, I’m deeply amazed by Conley’s authenticity and insights.  What a timely resource for all seeking fresh ways to create tools for personal meaning, happiness and success.  I am glad I bought the print version because this is not a book to be rushed, but one to be STUDIED.  It is indeed designed to be a manual for life: professional and personal.  I have a good feeling that by the time I work my through it, my copy will be marked up in bright yellow highlights.  I recommend this book for your 2012 reading list.

 CLICK HERE and check out this book!


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