Insights from a Recent B2B Content Marketing Survey

You’ve probably heard that content is key in tech marketing.  There is certainly no shortage of anecdotal information.  However, getting information directly from stakeholders is always preferred for credible decision-making.  This is why, I am happy to share the findings of a recent survey prepared by Holger Schulze, founder of the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn.


Holger conducted the survey with the members of the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn to understand the current state of content marketing in the B2B space, and to identify key challenges as well as best practices.


Among the findings included in the report are:


1.    The biggest motivator for content marketing is its ability to drive awareness, leads, and engagement with prospects;

2.    The most popular content formats are case studies, presentations at live events, white papers, online articles and videos.


CLICK HERE for your free copy of the 2011 B2B Content Marketing Report and join the conversation.

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