Success – Wanting It Badly Enough

Let me admit it outright: I’m hooked on those competitions on Cable TV’s Food Network.  It started when I stumbled onto one of the shows, Iron Chef America, around last Thanksgiving.  Anyone who’s seen the cooking show knows of the frenzy and craziness that the competing chefs generate as they race to create multiple gourmet courses – in one hour while incorporating the “secret” ingredient of the day.


The first time I watched the show, I had no clue what the running around and frenzy was about.  But after the kitchen smoke, literally, cleared, and the chefs faced the judges (oh, those judges!!!), it began to make sense.  Timing, finishing, taste and appearance were everything.  Winning was everything.  I’m not a cook, but just watching these chefs perform is simply wild in an awesome sort of way — a virtual vicarious delight.  These culinary experts carry you along and you find yourself rooting for them throughout the contest, particularly when they are at the judging table.


Well, the Iron Chefs got me hooked on the food network and soon thereafter, another show, Cupcake Wars sealed the deal.  “War” is an apt title for this show because the competition is tough, and the judging is brutal.  Cupcake bakers compete for a monetary prize and the “privilege” of serving their cakes at a gala event at the end of the contest.  Before I started watching these wars, I had no idea cupcakes were so hot!!  However, from all indications, they are – literally the hot item in pastry land.  It explains the presence of so many flavors and choices of cakes and their many colorful bakers!


It’s amazing how each contestant manages to create an indelible impression during the brief period they are on the show – even those who are eliminated early in the contest.  They’ve certainly captured my interest – even though I’m not a cupcake eater, which leads me to the purpose of this article.


What is it about these reality/competition shows that caught my attention?  I know it’s not the foods and desserts per se.  I think it’s the personalities of the contestants and the way they make you catch a glimpse of their soul within such a sort time.  There’s something admirable about these non-celebrities, ordinary individuals who take the chance in pursuit of their business ambitions.  They put themselves out there and dare to dream.  These enterprising people dare to dream “out loud” as it were, by entering and participating in these strenuous contests.  They are to be commended for acting on their hopes and aspirations.


Watching these contestants perform make me think of my own business goals and how much effort I’m willing to exert to translate my dreams into reality.  How willing am I to dream aloud, pursue my goals and extend my comfort zone?  This is the real food for thought.


How about you?  Do you have goals that you hope to achieve this year?  I’m sure you do.  Every small business owner knows that running a successful business is like being in a contest every day.  Challenges and risks are part of the game.  How well we play, determines our outcomes.


We should be in it to win.


Let’s get this year started by saying NO to inertia and YES to action.  Action is the best way to silence those pesky personal doubts and gain confidence.  Action is the key to creation and the realization of all good things.


Let’s make this year one of dreaming, daring and doing – one day at a time.


It might not be easy, but it is doable with courage and perseverance.  Remember: Courage is the ability to disregard fear.  Courage is grace under fire.  Courage is a great companion to have on this year’s quest.


Let’s go out there and ACT ON IT!!!




© Copyright Rachel Agheyisi and Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2009-2011.



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