Finding and Using Your “Mo”

Get your "Mo"Sidebar:  I just read this article by Roy Furr, Managing Editor of AWAI Spare-Time Biz Success.  It speaks to finding motivation and maintaining momentum.  It connects on many levels.  I hope you find something here to spark your own special “Mo” and move you on toward realizing your aspirations.

Here’s Roy —

My father-in-law retired a couple of years back.  Since then, he’s been building a retirement house on a lake in Nebraska.  (Hold the jokes — yes, there are lakes in Nebraska!).

The winter months get him down a bit though.

Because the snow and cold weather make it hard to work.  Especially when a load of snow gets dumped on the Midwest.  And, even when he can get out to the house to do some work, invariably there’s something he needs to do that he can’t because of the inclement conditions.

The winter takes away his momentum.  Or — as he calls it — his “Mo.”

Yet in the summer months, when the weather is nicer, he’s got a truckload of “Mo.”

He’s almost single-handedly built an entire five-bedroom house, in just a couple of summers.  Sure, he could have had it finished in a single summer contracting a whole team of workers.  But this is just him, his “Mo,” and some hard work.  And the house is beautiful.  Top-notch craftsmanship, too.

And, each summer as he works on it (I think it’ll be done this summer), it undergoes an incredible transformation, thanks to his “Mo” and his hard work.  He accomplishes more than you’d imagine one person could! 

What could you be building with “Mo”?

What my father-in-law does on his lake house during the summer is nothing short of a feat of human nature.  And, it’s something you can do in your spare-time biz as well.

If you know how to take advantage of “Mo.”

We’ve all got it in us.  It’s part of our human nature.  It’s the ability to leverage what we’re doing now, the successes we’re experiencing, and take it to the next level.  To keep working and working, and building toward our goal.  And, as we do the work, finish more tasks, accomplish more goals, and experience more positive results, we gain more power to continue doing what we’re doing.

Goals build on goals.  Results build on results.  Incredible things are accomplished!

That’s “Mo.”

Maybe you’re building your Money-Making Website and have started to get decent traffic.  How about putting links on your highest-traffic pages (or all of them) allowing people to share the content on various Social Media platforms?  This could cause a significant bump in traffic, thanks to the visitors who are already coming to your site.  Good use of “Mo”, if you ask me!

It just takes some creativity to figure out how to take full advantage of your “Mo” in your biz. 

How to find your most powerful “Mo”

Take a look at what you’ve been doing in the past three or six months that has given you the most powerful results.  What was it about it that you think gave you the strong results?  How can you repeat or leverage it to get more results like what you’ve been getting?

Spend some time with a pen and paper, brainstorming different ways to get strong results by doing something similar.

I don’t know exactly what it will be for you.  Only you can know.  In fact, you probably already know, deep down, what exactly you need to do to take advantage of your “Mo” that’s been building recently.

Now do it.  And keep doing it.  And keep finding ways to leverage your “Mo.”

That’s how you’re going to keep creating the incredible results you want.  That’s how you’ll look back one day in the not-too-distant future and say, “Wow, look what I’ve accomplished.”

You have “Mo” in you.  Just use it!

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Living and Learning by Doing

Sometimes we forget that growth in business, as in life, is a process.  Growth is a series of experiences, some that are great, some that are strange, and others that just burst our bubbles.

I read somewhere that wisdom becomes knowledge when it is personal experience.  I think it is also correct to rephrase that as knowledge becomes wisdom when grows from personal experience.  The point is experience is vital to wisdom and growth.

Viewed in that way, it is easy to see that we are on the quest for wisdom as we go through the ordinary things of every day.  The question is how aware of the learning process are we?

Over the years, I’ve learned that keeping a journal is a good way to heighten my awareness, to live consciously.  I often look back at my notes, and relive the thoughts and moments they captured.  I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve reflected on lately.

Read mine, and please share yours.

  1. Become a better listener.  Selectively gather information.  It’s a great way to feed your own intuition.
  2. Have a plan and stay with it.  It doesn’t have to be a grand plan; just a clear path to follow.  It’ll help build character.
  3. Find inspiration – it’s EVERYWHERE!!  Be open to it.
  4. Get an attitude, more precisely, get a can-do attitude.  Learn how to stay away from naysayers – they bring nothing of value to the table.
  5. Pace yourself.  It is true what they say that running a business is not a sprint; it is more like a marathon.  It is important to manage your energies well.
  6. Celebrate every victory, great or small.  You’d be amazed at the boost you’d get.  Victories consolidate your foundation and confidence.
  7. Be generous with others.  Don’t do battle with your competitors.  Instead, build bridges that benefit all.  Anyone can destroy, only the great build.  On a personal level, the harmony you create is a wonderful stress-buster.
  8. When in doubt, PAUSE.  Trust your brain.  Let it recharge before you proceed.  You’d think more clearly and articulate your case more effectively.
  9. Make room for playtime.  Take up a hobby:  learn to dance, to draw, or anything unrelated to work.  The only criterion is that whatever you choose should be FUN.
  10. Stay true to yourself because you are really all you have.  Elevate yourself.  Act in ways that show that you are not for sale.

Go out there and realize your aspirations every day.  Listen to the wisdom of heart.  And trust your intuition – step-by-step.

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