White Paper Success Summit 2010

I know it’s hard to believe 2010 is just a round the corner. Like me, you’re likely putting plans in place for next year. Better customers, more of them and so on.

I wanted to share something with you. There are some amazing marketing superstars I know putting on this really great event that will help you grow your business.


White Paper Success Summit 2010

It’s a live online event that will empower you to attract quality leads and grow your business during this economic slump—all with educational white papers.

Not only can you gain amazing leads for your business with white papers, you’ll also grow your lists and establish your business as a leader.

The world’s leading white paper experts will show you how.

Here’s a sample of the presenters:

Michael Stelzner (author, Writing White Papers),
Bob Bly (author, White Paper Marketing Handbook),
John Jantsch (author, Duct Tape Marketing),
Brian J. Carroll (author, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale),
Roger C. Parker (author, White Paper Design that Sells),
Joe Pulizzi (author, Get Content Get Customers),
Jonathan Kantor (author, Crafting White Paper 2.0)
Jill Konrath (author, Selling to Big Companies), and
Ardath Albee (author, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale)

Together this team of “who’s who” in white paper marketing will help you succeed using practical tactics.

This is the world’s only event designed to empower marketers and small business owners to master the art of white paper marketing. And the great news is it’s a live online summit you can attend from your home or office.


What’s in it for you?

First, you don’t need to be a techno-geek to create good white papers. White papers are really articles on steroids with a slant. The right person with the right direction can create a white paper that goes viral (yes, that could be you!).

Second, it’s not just technology companies that use white papers. Any business (big or small) that sells to other businesses should use white papers. For example, FedEx, Dow Jones, Monster.com, LinkedIn and thousands of smaller businesses all use white papers as marketing material. Even if you sell to consumers, white papers can be very effective.

White Paper Success Summit 2010 will help you discover the best ways to market your business with white papers. You’ll also learn how major white paper campaigns were executed and how you can achieve similar results (play-by-play steps provided).

It’s fully dedicated to empowering you. You’ll discover how to grow your business without the uncertainty of trial and error.

Yes, attending this online event (and applying the techniques) will grow your business. But there’s much more. You’ll also join a community of like-minded peers who’ll share their experiences and wisdom.

Go here now to learn more.

P.S. You can get 50% off if you act now. There are 12+ original sessions on using white papers to market your business. Be sure to check them out. I know that each of the presenters has created NEW content for this event.


P.P.S. As a way of saying “thanks” for checking out the summit, ther e’s a gift just for marketers (valued at $42) waiting for you here. Go here get it.


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