The funny side of project fees

Start ButtonI thought I’d start this week on a lighter note – on a serious topic.  Billing.

Many independent professionals handle the process of estimating project fees almost effortlessly.  Many agonize over practically over every element of the process.  In my experience, there is no one size that fits all projects.  However, developing a framework, which clearly itemizes resource use (in terms of personnel, hours, consumables, etc) is always helpful for streamlining the process.  The hard part is making time to develop a “master framework” that can be customized to fit each project requirement.

In the meantime, take the tedium out of the endeavor by reading this piece (author unknown) and sipping a soothing cup of your favorite beverage.



 If you ask for an estimate and we do the job, staying within the estimate, you will be charged a nominal surcharge as  a bonus to us for accurate guessing.

Kind of funny, eh?  You see, preparing a fee estimate is not a new problem.  Don’t let it be an obstacle to your business success.  Take the lighter side.

© Copyright Rachel Agheyisi and Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2009.


2 Responses

  1. I had fun reading your post and at the same time, I find it very useful. It’s also important that we consider applying the order form process so we would have clarity in our business.

  2. Thanks, Sharon.
    Business is pleasure when we can serve our clients’ needs with integrity and efficiency. Having fun along the way, is always a big plus — it fuels creativity.

    Best wishes for your continued success!

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