Online Security Practices

Blue GlobeAs a member of the cyber community, I enjoy the ease of interactions with family, friends and colleagues near and far.  The convenience of being able to do business online is a huge plus.

However, I am always aware of the need to be security conscious — one never knows who is out there waiting to ruin the fun with identity theft and fraud.  Collectively, we  need to routinely engage in cyber practices that safeguard our valued privacy and intellectual property.  Let’s not make it easy for the bad guys to gain unauthorized access to what we hold dear.

OnGuardOnline, a coalition of government and industry groups, has put together a very helpful publication titled 7 Practices for Safer Computing.  Click the following link to access a copy.

If you find the publication useful, please pass it on.

If you find gaps in the recommendations, please share.


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2 Responses

  1. This is a very useful publication and a great resource that more web users should read. Online security should be a top priority, especially if you use the Internet for work purposes.

  2. I agree. It is inaccurate (and unsafe) to assume that everyone plays nice online.

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