Just saying it — for my brother

blue-moonOne thing I like about the social media is how it is making sharing much easier.  My guess is that the wonderful combination of near-anonymity and spaciousness of the media makes it easy for otherwise reserved individuals to open up.  All of a sudden we all have something to say, and we are actually saying it.  Almost like shouting in the woods — you enjoy the release without worrying so much about who is listening.

I am a business writer, but I sometimes scribble what I like to think of as poetry.  Strictly for fun.  For me sharing my poems here is like “shouting in the woods”.  I thought I’d make my first instalment a poem I wrote for my brother.  Here goes–


Sweet memories, simple pleasures —

the pranks, the rivalries.

Unfettered affection,


Sadness and separation, memories dispersed —

thoughts stalled, hearts cooled


Reunion and joy, memories gathered —

love reignited, hearts warmed

Unfettered affection,


Now, it’s your turn to just say it.

© Copyright Rachel Agheyisi and Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2009.


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