Patience during transitions

growthNavigating transitions is not always easy, but they are almost always points of growth — if we are patient.  Unfortunately, I don’t wait well.  The fact that I am going through a transition in my professional life and coping with seemingly unending issues have only fueled my impatience.  However, I am finding that answers come faster and are clearer during  pauses.    Conversely, frantic activity seems to slow  my progress and blur my perception.  So I am learning to curb the tendency to rush, and to take more pauses.

I am grateful to have many helpful resources to draw on as I move forward.  Like this little book by Mike George titled 1001 Meditations – how to discover peace of mind.  It is full of affirmations, prompts, and ageless wisdom served up in just the right tone and dose.  I confess I have not read it all — I doubt one is expected to simply read through it.  My guess is it is meant to be used as needed — like a good remedy.

For instance, when I feel the urge to hurry and fret, I browse through the book and select something to restore my balance.  Here are three that I’ve found very helpful in recent days:

  1. “With time and patience. the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown” – a Chinese proverb (#294, page 118).
  2. “When I look into the future, I see a vista of challenge and resolution.  I venture forth with strength, hope, and faith” – a modern affirmation (#7, page 14).
  3. “Approach your life as an epic adventure.  Each stage of your journey presents its own particular challenges.  Recognize that you have all you need within yourself to meet each challenge and embrace the lessons it brings” (#9, page 14).

They are simple, to-the-point, and effective.

I wish you days of patience and insight.


© Copyright Rachel Agheyisi and Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2009.

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