Finding inspiration

notebookThere is so much noise in the world around us.  The news media seem to revel in spreading bad news.  There is no shortage of rude people, loud music, and self-appointed experts telling us they hold the key to whatever it is we seek.  It is enough to make cynics of us all.  Yet, I believe there is inspiration everywhere.  It is there for the seeker to find; to awaken and energize.

This is my remedy.  Each day, I look for inspiration in quiet places.  On tea bag tags.  Within myself.  I write them in spiral-bound notebooks. I revisit them often.  I am delighted by how fresh they remain.  Enduring.  It is the true nature of inspiration:  it does not go stale, it remains evergreen.

When the noise of the day intrudes and threatens to derail me, I stop.  I find a quiet place and stay for a while.  Before long, I feel renewed and my creativity resumes its flow from the wisdom of my soul.

Please inspire me by sharing  your source of inspiration.

© Copyright Rachel Agheyisi and Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2009.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Rachel
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and agree with you whole heartily. So many people today are scared of silence and their own thoughts that they use noise to drown them out. I love silence and my own company. I enjoy the serenity of being out in nature, walking in forests, enjoying the beauty of lakes, beaches and biking country roads. I also collect affirmations and inspirational material. A friend sent me this one just a few hours ago entitled=Angel of Inspiration= There is a gentle angel who’s walking by your side she helps you to make decisions if you let her be your guide. And if you put your faith in her you’ll soon have confirmation that angles do exist for you ‘ll be filled with Inspiration.
    I wrote my first book Thoughts before Breakfast. It’s about always seeing the positive in life. I will look forward to your next blog.

    Magical thoughts create magical results.

    • Thanks, Carole for sharing.
      I completely endorse the value of solitude and the strength it brings. I am working on my next blog, which I hope to post before the day it out. So, come back and visit.

      Remain inspired.

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