Blogging and Listening

building-blocksThese days gurus abound.  One look at the multiplicity of blogs, forums, and other social networking media, and you get the impression that everyone is an expert.  There is so much talk (and some noise), I sometimes wonder if we are running the risk of losing the ability to listen.  I hope not, because listening is essential for good communication.

In the spirit of good communication, welcome to Report Content Writer’s Blog.  This blog is one way of adding our voice to the chorus.  The face behind the voice is Rachel’s — the executive director of RCW.

We  focus on adventures in white paper writing and b2b lead generation.  Occasionally, we might wander into other areas of interest — but never too far from topics relating to creativity and writing.

In the coming days and weeks,  I will share tales from my neck of the woods.  Hopefully, you’d find some of the conversation interesting enough to join in.

Here is to our collective wisdom — one blog at a time.

© Copyright Rachel Agheyisi and Report Content Writer’s Blog, 2009.


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